3 Tips To Recover Quickly After A Run

Many runners will experience stiff and sore legs from the physical stress of running. These symptoms may not be a sign of injury, but can be due to the lack of warming up properly or running longer and harder than usual. Running on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt may also cause leg pain and injuries such as shin splints. 

These hard surfaces create more stressful impact on the feet and lower legs. They don't give or provide any shock absorption in the way that dirt trails or grassy areas do. Knowing how to recover after a run will reduce leg fatigue, pain and swelling while also increasing blood flow to ease swelling in the ankle and knee joints.

Leg pain associated with running is mostly in part to blood flow to the leg muscles. According to WebMD, wearing compression socks while or after running will enable your legs to work harder with less effort, meaning you'll go easier on your muscles and have reduced pain and stiffness.

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Best Ways to Recover After a Long Run

Set Aside Some Running Recovery Time

After running hard or for long periods of time, give your legs time to recover after the race. Every runner's recovery plan will be different, so decide what you need to do and how long your legs should be rested after running. A general rule of thumb for long distance races is that for every mile you go, give your legs one day of rest or at least a much reduced workout.

Another model is to eliminate running for one to three days to assess your condition sleep-in, eat, hydrate, and wear compression socks to increase blood flow to the legs. This is also the time to apply ice to any injuries or take ice baths for a faster recovery. Extend your running recovery time for 2 weeks with low intensity exercise that keeps your heart rate between 60 to 75% of your maximum.

RICE - Running Recovery Tools

Some of the best running recovery tools are very simple and include compression socks. RICE can promote muscle healing, leg relaxation, and increased blood flow for legs that have been overworked due to running. The RICE method has been used by physicians to treat muscle injuries and reduce inflammation of joints:

  • Rest - restrain from weight bearing or high impact exercise for 24-48 hours

  • Ice - apply ice to reduce swelling and pain for 20 minutes every 4 hours

  • Compression - wear compression socks to reduce swelling

  • Elevation - raise the injured leg above the heart to move fluids away the injury

Wear Compression Socks While Running

Running recovery time, How to recover after a run, Best way to recover after a long run, Running recovery tools

Compression socks for runners can reduce the chance of injuries, improve your running performance, and speed up your recovery time. Follow these tips for choosing the right compression socks to reduce your running recovery time:

  • Choose graduated compression that are tighter around the ankle, and less so at the knee

  • Select compression socks for athletes that fit your foot and calf size

  • Compression socks should not be too tight and should not feel like they restrict blood flow

Wearing compression calf sleeves can also protect your legs from scratches, abrasion, and poison ivy when running on trails. And since long sleeved clothing is advised as protection against mosquito bites, your compression socks are performing double duty to help protect you. Finally, wearing compression on cooler running will keep your muscles warmer and prevent possible leg cramping.


  • Running recovery tools include RICE, compression socks, and ample recovery time

  • Leg pain after running can be reduced with increased blood flow from the heart to lower legs

  • Always wear proper running shoes on hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete

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