Sports Compression Socks

For our sports products, we decided to combine our men and women’s athletic compression socks into one line in order to create the best athletic compression socks for everyone. All of our sports/running compression socks are designed to be unisex, meaning all of our fashionable and fun styles can be worn by anyone.

All Dr. Motion’s sports compression socks provide graduated support at a higher compression level (15-20mmHg) than our standard mild compression socks (8-15mmHg). This higher level of compression provides health benefits that include reduced fatigue, improved circulation and expedited recovery.

These benefits are perfect for strenuous physical activities such as sports, running, hiking, and more. They force less stress on your body during these activities, which in turn leads to an improved recovery time for you afterwards. Our compression sport designs come in leg sleeves and knee-highs, for whatever you need for your activities.

Our socks are available at Kohl’s, Target, and Amazon. Check out the full list of our retailers to get your athletic, everyday compression socks today!

If you’re curious as to how Dr. Motion’s sports compression socks work, review the features we’ve provided below. We’ve also added a size chart to help you find the ideal socks for you!